How To Install Microsoft Teams using JumpCloud commands on MacOS

I wrote a quick script that follows all of the others here on installing Microsoft Teams via JumpCloud Commands. As usual, normal disclaimer applies (I take no responsibility blah blah)

# Script to download, Silent Install and then clean up once installed Microsft Teams
# Writen by

#Make temp folder for downloads.
mkdir "/tmp/teams/";
cd "/tmp/teams/";

#Download Teams.
curl -L -o /tmp/teams/Teams_osx.pkg "";

#install Teams
sudo installer -pkg /private/tmp/teams/Teams_osx.pkg -target /;

#tidy up
sudo rm -rf "/tmp/teams";

exit 0

6 thoughts on “How To Install Microsoft Teams using JumpCloud commands on MacOS”

  1. I do have another question if you don’t mind. Could I use this script to install other video conferencing apps such as Zoom, Skype for business, Cisco Webex and GoToMeeting? would i just need to change the url link and the .pkg file? could it really be hat simple?

    • Hi Dave,
      As long as the apps are PKG files then yeah you can just change the download url. If there DMGs you need to mount them first. Happy to help out with a couple of scripts if that would help you?



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