SEO Consultant Kent

Are you are looking for something like SEO Consultant Kent or Kent SEO or SEO Company Kent then look no further – you’re on the right page!

I am an experienced SEO Consultant based in kent, helping small businesses increase there search traffic using only white hat methods. I can identify where your website needs to improve to help it fly up the rankings of the major search engines. So get in touch to talk to an SEO Consultant in Kent.

There are a few different methods we can do on your website, which all combined will help your site. These things include but are not limited to:

  • SEO Technical Audits
  • SEO Content Audits
  • SEO Keyword Research
  • Link Building

An SEO Technical Audit is the process of analysing every element of your website to make sure the correct tags are in place; the speed is as quick as it should be, images are optimised and much more. We can do all of this for you to make sure your website has the best possible chance of ranking highly.

An SEO Content Audit is checking the website content to make sure it is all valid, identifying pages which should be removed or consolidated into other pages. Just generally making sure your content is as good as it can be to answer the question(s) that your visitor asked.

Keyword Research is the process of identifying keywords that you should include in your existing content or that you should create content around, in order to help Google and thus your visitors find your website for the new terms. It’s not all about identifying the keywords that have several thousand searches a month. The Long Tail Keywords are more direct questions that your audience will be asking.

As an example imagine you are a specialist football boot eCommerce site. Would you rather rank for just “football boots” (135k UK Searches a month) which could be anything football boot related and a quite a generic term, or would you rather rank for “specialist football boots for wide feet” and “best football boots for flat feet” which between them get circa (1000 UK Searches P/M) which is less than 1% of the football boot term but they are highly targetted keywords which are more likely to generate a sale.

Link Building is the process of getting links to your website. Google treats links as an endorsement of your content. But that’s not to say all links are good. Sometimes links can be spam, misleading or negative towards your site which in turn will affect your rankings. These links will need to either be removed or disavowed. Good links can be collected in a number of ways whether that is guest posts for other people or your content answers a question on another website.

These four processes make the bulk of what we would do for your website. So if you are in Kent and looking for an SEO Consultant then don’t hesitate to get in touch for a no-obligation chat.

Kent SEO Company – Providing Local SEO.

We also work love working on smaller sites that might be looking for more Local SEO options. IE if you are looking to rank for terms near you. Such as for us Kent SEO and Kent SEO Consultant are all desirable terms for us to rank for as we are based in Kent.

If you have any questions please contact me or fill in the form below.