How to install Navicat for Macos Using Jumpcloud Commands

Another request from the JumpCloud slack lounge. Follows same path as all the other commands. And as usual comes with the normal disclaimer – use at your own risk 🙂

# Script to download, Silent Install and then clean up once installed Navicat
# Writen by

#Make temp folder for downloads.
mkdir "/tmp/navicat/";
cd "/tmp/navicat/";

#Download navicat.
curl -L -o /tmp/navicat/navicat.dmg "";

#Mount DMG
yes | hdiutil attach /tmp/navicat/navicat.dmg >  /dev/null

#Copy App to Applications
sudo cp -R "/Volumes/Navicat for PostgreSQL/Navicat for" /Applications;

#Unmount DMG
hdiutil detach "/Volumes/Navicat for PostgreSQL" -force;

#tidy up
sudo rm -rf "/tmp/navicat";

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